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Metallized Packaging Film

We offer metallized film such as metallized PET films, metallized BOPP films, metallized PVC films and metallized CPP films, these films are coated with aluminum.

Flexible packaging of products, which have to be protected from light, moisture and gases etc.
This includes snack food packets, cosmetics sachets, soap wrappers, confectionery products, gift-wrapping, air conditioning ducts etc.

Metallized Film Specifications

Width: 100-2400mm
Thickness: 8 micron, 10 micron, 12 micron, 15 micron, 23 micron, 36 micron, 100 micron, 125 micron, 150 micron, 175 micron
Processing method: vacuum metalized
Color: Silver, Gold, Matte Silver, Matte Gold, Color, red, green
Applications: packaging film, lamination film, water resistant barrier, reflective film.
Custom size roll width and length can be supplied as per the requirement.

Here are Metallized Film Examples as follows

Metallized PET Film
Our metallized polyester films are best suitable for flexible laminates, packaging, twist wraps for candies etc. We have micro slitting process that ensures higher productivity and consistent weight uniform coating.

Metallized BOPP Film
Our metallized BOPP film products are of superior quality and are developed after rigorous research. These films are available in heat sealing as well as plain. These films are most suitable for flexible laminates and gift wraps.

Metallized PVC Film
We offer premium quality non-toxic, food grade and static free metalized PVC films that are highly glossy with smooth and clear surface. Variety of thicknesses are available with different width and customization is done according to customer requirements. Our PVC metallized films possess high strength with excellent twist retention and good printability. Widely used in processed food and confectionary industry, such as packing coffee, chocolates etc.

Metallized CPP Film
We offer high quality metallized CPP films featured with high bond strength, high gloss, low haze, low thermal sealing temperature, high thermal sealing strength and excellent moisture proofing. These films are best for Cigarette, Beer/Liquor Labels, Gift Wraps, Stickers and Flexible Laminates.

Laminating film
PET/PE Laminated Aluminum Foil

PET/PE laminated aluminum foil is an improved surfacing material for SBS/APP modified bitumen waterproofing membrane. It has all the aluminum foil functions. Since it is the lamination of PET/PE film and aluminum foil, it is more flexible and with higher strength.

Product Name Laminated film
Color Green, Blue, Silver, Grey, Black, Orange or as request
Max Width per roll 1.6M, it can be slitted according to customer's demand
Length 500-3000M
Alu foil 6.5,7,9,11,12 micron or as request
laminated material thick As per request
Specification Relative Structure/ Types
Multilayer Al Laminated Insulations VMPET + PE
Printing PET + AL + PE
VMPET + Non-woven Fabric
VMPET + Fabric Glass
Packing Material VMPET + OPP + CPP + PVC
PVC + PET Twist Film
Ice bag
Color Cupboard Sheet
Kraft + Woven Fabric + EPE
Woven Fabric Insulations VMPET + PE Woven Fabric
VMPET + PE PE Woven Fabric + VMPET
AL + PE Woven Fabric
Al + PE Woven Fabric + AL
Al + Woven Fabric + VMPET
Al + PET + Woven Fabric

1. Food bags for coffee, tea, chocolate, candy, seafood, noodles, rice, snack, frozen food, fast food, etc.
2. Pet bags include pet food bags and pet cleaning bags for pets such as dogs, cats, birds, fish, etc.
3. Commodity bags for commodities such as washing powder, cosmetics, toilet paper, diaper, etc.
4. Special bags for food storage, seeds packaging and so on.
5. Available bag style: stand up, zippered, heat sealed, heat-cut, cold-cut, with handle or valve, etc.
6. These bags are no harm to health, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant and anti-aging.
7. We can print any color on the bag with our advanced machine.
8. The design, size, color, etc. according to the customers.
9. Our products used for packaging food, tea, coffee, spices, sauces, meat, frozen food, pets food, seafood, juice, snack food, nearly including all kinds of food and the detergent.

1. Versatile for different food products, rice products, snacks, deep fried products, tea and soup mixes
2. Customized size, shape, material structure, thickness, etc.
3. Extra high protection barrier
4. Zip lock available - increase re-usability
5. Leak-proof and moisture-proof, high temperature & pressure resistance, easy to open.
6. Suitable for automatic packaging and food packaging, efficient to keep food flavor.
7. Good barrier property against air, moisture & puncture
8. Up to 10 colors with our high-resolution rotogravure printing machines.

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